Reliant Defense knows compliance. Reliant Defense also knows business. Our principals come from business backgrounds such as Executive and Program Management, Business Development, Contracts, Shipping, and Sales. Unlike some other consultant firms, we are able to communicate how export/import compliance and business can work smoothly together, and then we can show you how it is done through practical implementation.

Contact us about specialized training for different departments within your company. We will work with your internal procedures or help you develop new ones and incorporate them into the training sessions.

Global ITAR Compliance


Our personnel brings diverse experiences into compliance such as program management, contracts, procurement/supply chain, business development, and international transportation and freight forwarding/customs brokering. This background and experience allow Reliant to render certain reasonableness and real-world applicability in our service approach and enables us to make useful recommendations based upon actual experience, practicality, industry standards, and best practices. We have seen what works and what does not, and we understand that each company and situation is unique. Reliant understands that “one size does not fit all” when it comes to compliance and by taking such an approach may be detrimental to a company’s performance and bottom line.