Offset and Countertrade Services

Offsets and countertrade are industrial compensation practices required as a condition of purchase in government-to-government or commercial sales of defense or dual-use goods and/or services.

If you have an offset obligation or products and services that can be offered to a country where offset obligations have been incurred, Reliant Defense can offer the following services:

Offsets Obligors:
• Help formulate country Offsets strategies
• Identify, qualify and secure Offsets credits
• Manage the end-to-end Country Offsets process

Project / Venture Sponsors or Investors:
• Market Assessments, Business Plans, Due Diligence
• Private and public financing
• Marketing channels planning and launch
• Local professional services – Legal, Accounting, IT

Formulate Offset Strategy:
• Understand country Offsets practices, processes and decisionmakers
• Assess Offset credit options — mix of direct/indirect, local economic priorities

Secure Credits:
• Identify and qualify projects generating Offset Credits
• Devise efficient Obligor contributions to emerging projects
• Obtain approval from local authorities

Manage the End-to-End Offsets Process:
• Formal commitments, documentation, submission and approval
• Ongoing performance tracking and milestone compliance