Who may apply for the VEU program?

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Currently, any entity in an eligible country may apply for the VEU program.  Exporters and reexporters may also apply on behalf of entities in eligible destinations.  Applicants must clearly demonstrate the end-user’s ability to comply with the requirements of the VEU program.  Such requirements include using the items shipped under Authorization VEU for civil end-uses only and the provision of the end-user’s written consent for the U.S. Government to conduct periodic on-site reviews at VEU facilities. 

Applicants can choose which and how many facilities to include in applications for VEU status. Note that a facility authorized to receive items under VEU may not transfer the items imported under its VEU authorization to another location that has not been specifically approved for VEU status, even if that other location is part of the same corporate entity.

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