What are the requirements of the VEU program?

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Each application for VEU authorization must include an original statement on letterhead, signed and dated by a person who has legal authority to bind the applicant, certifying that the end-user will comply with all VEU requirements.  Furthermore, the letter must state that the end-user:

  • Has been informed of and understands that the item(s) it may receive under authorization VEU will be exported in compliance with the EAR and use or diversion of such items contrary to the EAR is prohibited.
  • Understands and will adhere to all authorization VEU restrictions, including the requirement that items shipped under authorization VEU will only be used for civil end-uses and will not be used for any activities described in Part 744 of the EAR.
  • Will comply with VEU recordkeeping requirements.
  • Agrees to allow on-site reviews by U.S. Government officials to verify the end-user’s compliance with the conditions of the VEU authorization.
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