How do organizations apply for VEU?

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End-users in eligible destinations can apply directly to the Department of Commerce for VEU authorization status or exporters or reexporters may file applications on behalf of such end-users.  Prospective VEUs must provide detailed information on how they will ensure that they are in compliance the requirements of the VEU program.  Additional information may be requested by the U.S. Government while a VEU application is being reviewed.

Once an end-user applies to be a VEU, the End-User Review Committee, which is a committee composed of representatives from multiple U.S. Government agencies, reviews the application and determines:

  • If the prospective VEU is a reliable recipient of U.S. controlled items.
  • If the prospective VEU meets the VEU criteria.
  • If approved, which of the prospective VEU’s requested facilities would be able to receive which items under Authorization VEU.

BIS has prepared a VEU application template to assist entities requesting VEU authorization.  Additionally, Supplement No. 8 to Part 748 of the EAR outlines the information required in requests for VEU authorization.  Note that the U.S. Government may request additional information from a prospective VEU while a VEU application is being reviewed.

BIS encourages entities to submit draft VEU applications to ERC@bis.doc.gov.  BIS will review and provide comments on the draft application, and also will provide draft applications to the other members of the End-User Review Committee for review and comment, if requested by applicants.

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