Are there additional “600 series” ECCNs to be added to the CCL?

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Yes, items from USML categories IV, V, IX, and X: military training equipment, energetic materials, personal protective equipment, shelters, articles related to launch vehicles, missiles, rockets, military explosives, and related items have been added to the “600 series” of the CCL. To follow transfers from the ITAR USML to the EAR CCL, see the ECR dashboard at


Subsequent final rules will be published creating additional “600 series” entries that correspond with revised USML Categories. After the publication date and prior to the effective date of each final rule, you may pre-position applications for Commerce licenses for items that will transition, as well as submit classification requests to BIS for items that you believe will move to the “600 series.” However, until the effective date, you must follow the existing ITAR and EAR.

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