ITAR and EAR Licensing

Reliant Defense specializes in providing expert guidance and support to help companies secure the required licenses for exporting ITAR and EAR-controlled items and data.

Our export licensing services encompass a wide range of commodities and technologies, including defense articles, dual-use items, and sensitive or classified technologies. We work closely with you to draft everything needed for a license submission. Whether you’re exporting defense articles subject to ITAR or dual-use items under EAR, we help you navigate the licensing process efficiently and effectively. Reliant Defense will handle everything up to the “submission button” for you! Reliant will support the following ITAR licenses:

  • DSP-5 Permanent Export License (unclassified hardware, technical data, foreign national employee, defense services)
  • DSP-61: Temporary Import License
  • DSP-73: Temporary Export License
  • DSP-85: Classified Export License

In addition to export licenses, we also assist with Technical Assistance Agreements (TAAs) and Manufacturing License Agreements (MLAs), including the preparation of the agreements and drafting the DSP-5 submission vehicle. We conduct thorough compliance reviews and due diligence to ensure that your proposed exports comply with all applicable regulations and restrictions.

Our commitment to your success doesn’t end with the issuance of licenses or agreements. We provide ongoing support and monitoring to help you stay compliant with export control regulations, manage license renewals and amendments, and address any compliance challenges that may arise.