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ITAR compliant trade and export compliance services

Itar Compliant

Contrary to popular belief, there is no official “certification” in same way that there are ISO certifications.  However, there are industry-accepted standards that are applicable and a certain expectation by the US State Department for companies that register in accordance with the ITAR Section 122.

commodity jurisdiction trade and export compliance services

Commodity Jurisdiction

One of the basic elements of any effective international trade compliance program is proper export control jurisdiction determination. This is a most fundamental and essential step in export compliance.

specialized training trade and export compliance services

Specialized Training

Our principals come from business backgrounds such as Executive and Program Management, Business Development, Contracts, Shipping, and Sales. We will work with your internal procedures or help you develop new ones and incorporate them into the training sessions.

audits and assessments trade and export compliance services

Audits and Assessments

Since 2006, Reliant Defense has been conducting ITAR audits, including those requested by the State Department’s Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance through directed audits and Consent Agreements.

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