• Experienced Compliance Practitioners

    We don't simply understand import and export regulations – we know how to implement them in a way that works for your unique business. Once size regulatory compliance does not fit all when it comes to procedures and practices.

    We have business experience – not just backgrounds in compliance. We can help you navigate these regulations and implement a customized compliance program.

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  • Global Compliance Reach

    If you have affiliated companies overseas or need help understanding the regulations of other countries, Reliant Defense can help. We have compliance consultants located in the European Union and Canada that help ensure your import and export activity is in compliance.

    Not understanding the ramifications of export compliance beyond our own borders and the effects on a global supply chain can cost you time and money. Let regulatory consultants help you create a compliance policy that produces long-term results.

  • ITAR Compliant

    We can guide your company through the regulatory requirements as well as implement processes and industry-accepted standards to meet the expectations of the Departments of State and Commerce for export compliance.

    We will give you personalized attention to ensure that your regulatory compliance program works for you - not you working for a compliance program.

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  • Onsite Compliance Support

    Reliant Defense offers personnel to clients who have a temporary requirement for onsite support for a project or as a stop-gap measure until such a time a permanent employee is hired or trained. Whether you are preparing for a compliance audit, performing due diligence for an acquisition or drafting numerous licenses, we can help.

    We have provided such services to many top defense contractors in the past such as Lockheed Martin, United Technologies, Crane, Finmeccanica , Curtiss Wright, DRS and others.

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